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 MajorWedgie's Axe Blademaster Guide

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Major Wedgie

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PostSubject: MajorWedgie's Axe Blademaster Guide   MajorWedgie's Axe Blademaster Guide I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 10, 2009 7:42 am

MajorWedgie's Axe Blademaster Guide

NOTE: This guide is made by me, "MajorWedgie" and everything within this guide was either formulated from www.perfectworld.com forums page or my personal ingame experiences. I personally have played every type of Blademaster now and found the Fist Blademaster to be my favorite with the Axe Blademaster to be a very close second. The reason I suggest the Axe Blademaster (and the reason I am playing one now) is because they are by far the fastest leveler and best solo class along side the Venomancer. So let's get started....

First and for most, their are four paths for the Blademaster to choose from. Axe/Hammer, Polearm, Sword/Blade, and Fist. This guide is designed for the Axe Blademaster however, with a few tweaks, it can be equally as effective for any version of the Blademaster. My suggestion would be to play around with all four types of weapons available for your Blademaster until level 29, because once you reach level 29, you become committed to a single weapon type. Once reaching level 29, you will have to make a decision on which weapon path you want to follow due to the fact that your SP (spirit points) are limited. But don't worry, once you reach level 80+ you will find that you have more SP then you know what to do with.

Status Point Distribution!

PvP Build A: Every two levels
6 STR / 3 DEX / 1 VIT

PvP Build B: Every level
3 STR / 1 DEX / 1 VIT - capping vit @ 55... then 3 STR / 2 DEX there after.

My Build: Every level

3 STR / 2 DEX

Regardless of which path you take, you want to be sure to keep your dex pumped in multiples of 20. Why?... Because for every 20 dex you acquire, you gain 1% more chances to critical. Also, dex increases your accuracy and evasion.

NOTE: Evasion only works while fighting another melee player, like those pesky Archers!!. ie. Magical attacks cannot be evaided, and mobs almost always hit regardless of evasion. But let me tell you, without that extra accuracy, don't even bother with Archers unless you plan on sacrificing yourself for some greater cause (whatever that can be).

WARNING: I do not suggest that you start by following "My Build" because as you can plainly see, I am not pumping vit at all. However, you will probably also notice that later on, a couple hundred HP from that extra vit is next to nothing compared to HP Gems and refining bonuses. So, instead of wasting 500,000 coins+ to buy an intermediate restat scroll later on, I am simply utilizing all my status points early on.

Skill Point Distribution!

This is where things get confusing for most. My technique and play style differs from most other Blademasters because I absolutely love Fist Blademaster and their speed of attacks. So when deciding on my skill choices, I went with skill speed. I look at it like this, if I can manage to deal the same damage of an Axe Blademaster with the speed of a Fist Blademaster, who or what can stop me? Answer, not much! The skills you have to choose from are as follows:

Tiger Maw - Deals base damage plus a fixed damage!
Stream Strike - Deals base damage plus a fixed damage but requires 30 Chi!
Oceans Edge - Has a very high success rate to slow your enemy and deals base damage plus a fixed damage!

Each of these skills cast in less than a second and can be recasted after only three seconds. You can actually cast each skill one after another without waiting for a previous skill to cool down.

WARNING: I do not suggest Stream Strike as one of your priority skills early on. This skill will take a third of your Chi each time it is casted and there are other skills you will need to spend your Spirit Points on that are way more important at this point.

With that in mind, lets take a look at another strategy that the Blademaster uses other then speed. This strategy is his abilities to stun the enemy. There are several skills that an Axe Blademaster has that have the stunning effect. Those skills are as follows:

Aelion Blade - Deals base physical damage, plus percentage of weapon damage, plus a fixed damage.
Roar of the Pride - This is your Area of Effect Stun. This skill does no damage and stuns everything within its radius.
Drakes Bash - Deals base physical damage, plus a percentage of weapon damage, plus a fixed damage. Cost 1 Spark to use.

WARNING 1: I do not recommend maxing Roar of the Pride right away. If you try to stun multiple enemies prematurely, you will find 4 enemies attacking the hell out of you because the stun wore off before you could do any damage. Instead, wait until level 60+ to invest more then 1 point into this skill so that you have your other AoEs available.

WARNING 2: Drakes Bash is an awesome skill. Even tho you do not use it too much early on, keep it maxed. You never know when a pker might run up from behind and beat you down. Just cast this skill and hit em with everything you got!

Ok, so now you have all of your priority attack skills planed out. Let's move on to our priority buffs. There is really only two buffs worth making a priority. Well, one of them isn't really a buff but more of a passive skill...

Aura of the Golden Bell - Greatly increases your physical defense.
Weapon Mastery - Passive skill that increases your weapon damage.

No matter what kind of Blademaster you run into, they will ALWAYS have Aura of the Golden Bell maxed to their level as well as there respective weapon mastery. You should do the same!

NOTE: So far, you should have more then enough Spirit Points to keep each skill mentioned maxed to their respective levels except Roar of the Pride because I recommended that you leave it at level 1. As you progress, and learn new skills, you will begin to run out of SP. However, the skills you have at this point are way more then enough to keep you advancing. So weather you decide to keep the following skills maxed to your level or not is up to you and how much Spirit Points you got.

Once you get into AoEing, probably around level 45 - 50, you'll be needing several new skills. If you can, get em! But here is a basic rundown on those skills!

Fan of Flames - Great skill, attacks all enemies in a fan like radius dealing base damage plus a fixed damage.
Drake Sweep - Deals base damage plus a large fixed damage to all enemies within a radius.
Highland Cleave - Deals base physical damage, plus a percentage of weapon damage, plus a fixed damage.
Fissure - Deals base physical damage, plus a fixed damage. Also has a chance to slow the enemy.
Heavens Flame - Deals base physical damage, plus a percentage of weapon damage, plus a fixed damage, also damages the enemy over time!

Other then that, there are only a few skills left to choose from and the ones I recommend are:

Spark Eruption - Requires 1 Spark to double your damage for a short period of time. Cheap skill to level. Keep it maxed!
Diamond Sutra - Requires 1 Spark to heal your max health by 20 percent. Leave at level 1 unless you have the extra SP!
Alter Marrow Magical - Greatly increases your magical defense while greatly decreasing your physical defense. Most people only like taking this skill to level 3 to 5 which provides and extra 30 percent to 50 percent increase in magical defense. The choice it up to you!
Alter Marrow Physical - Greatly increases your physical defense while greatly decreasing your magical defense. Same as Alter Marrow Magical! Most people only like taking this skill to level 3 to 5 which provides and extra 30 percent to 50 percent increase in magical defense. The choice it up to you!


The first combo I use is rather simple. It's just Tiger Maw then Aeolian Blade. Now when I throw Ocean's Edge into the mix, things start to happen. I can set my grinding to 'automatic' and sit back and watch!

Tiger Maw >> Aeolian Blade >> Tiger Maw >> Attack >> Attack >> Repeat
Tiger Maw >> Oceans Edge >> Aeolian Blade >> Tiger Maw >> Oceans Edge >> Attack >> Repeat

NOTE: If by level 37, if you were not as lucky as me to find a pair of level 37 Beserker Axes for about 200,000 coins, then you might want to throw in Fan of Flames for some extra damage!

Now, once you get to level 59 and able to start using all of your AoE's, things change a bit. Yeah, the above combo works great for singe mobs, but this is where the fun begins. So... instead of spoiling all your fun, i'm going to let you experiament on your own. However, there is on other combo I want to tell you about. And that combo is the "Stunlocking Combo" that you keep hearing about!

Stun Locking Combo!

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MajorWedgie's Axe Blademaster Guide
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